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WNDF? Segment on KDKA-TV Pittsburgh Today Live 6/28/11

What's New Dr. Frank? - KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live 6/28/11


Dr. Frank had another great segment today on CBS-affiliate KDKA-TV’s Pittsburgh Today Live. His segment focused on ‘Hot Summer Gadgets’ and included products ranging from an energy-conserving pool pump, portable waterproof video camera, to solar powered lights and music, smartphones, protective cases and patriotic gadgets for the 4th of July. Dr. Frank and PTL anchors even threw in some Taio Cruz jamming to get you pumped about the summer gadgetry!

A link to the segment is provided below, along with links to the aired products. Full post after the jump.

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Dr. Frank & Staff Launch WNDF? Blog during CE Week in NYC

Dr. Frank is enthusiastic about his foray into social media with his blog launch and Twitter account (@WhatsNewDrFrank). Dr. Viggiano and his team will be highlighting products seen at CE Week, and some will air on major market television in Dr. Viggiano’s future consumer electronics segments.

Stay tuned for the WNDF? team’s review of CE Week!

What’s New Dr. Frank? Blog Launch

We’re under-construction, but we’ll be launching soon! Stay tuned!

— WNDF? Team