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WNDF? Segment on KDKA-TV Pittsburgh Today Live 7/26/11

WNDF? Pittsburgh Today Live Segment 7-26-11


Yesterday, Dr. Frank appeared on KDKA-TV (CBS affiliate) on Pittsburgh Today Live. Dr. Frank’s segment was all about summer fun and travel products! The products are diverse in show–touting from pool products and lawn tools to GPS receivers and luggage. Check out links to the products showcased below!

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Lilly Pad: Protective Sleeves for Smart Devices

LillyPad by Dual

LillyPad by Dual

One of the most exciting products that the WNDF? team saw at CE Week 2011 was the Dual Electronics’ Lilly Pad sleeve covers (aired on the June 28 KDKA-TV Pittsburgh Today Live segment) for iPhone, iPad (1 & 2), Kindle, Nook, Galaxy, PlayBook and other devices.

Lilly Pad Sleeves are designed to protect your electronics from sticky fingers, spills, sand, sneezes and other potential damaging effects.

The concept of Lilly Pad Sleeves was originally inspired by one of their company’s executives’ children that loved to play with their iPad. Naturally as playful children, their hands were sticky and often left smudges on the screen. After the fact, the screen would be dirty and sometimes even food was left on the screen. He came up with an idea for temporary protection that is both reusable and doesn’t interfere with the device. The pads withstand splashes, spills, sand, dirt and much more.  Because the pads were such a practical and innovative idea, the pads moved from iPads to other devices.  All you have to do is slip your device into the LillyPad Sleeve. The device fits just perfectly and the sleeves don’t hinder the audio or the touchscreen aspects of the devices. It is quite remarkable!

Check out our slideshow and links for more info about LillyPad Sleeves!

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–       Lilly Pad Official Website

–       KDKA-TV Pittsburgh Today Live 6/28/11 Segment (Lilly Pad Sleeves included)