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CES 2012 Featured Product: QOOQ Touch Tablet for the Kitchen

{article written originally on Associate Producer/Blog Editor, Stephanie Viggiano’s food blog, Dine-Out Main Line}

As soon as I saw “cooking with your fingertips” on the booth’s display, my heart leapt with joy. Only when I got closer on the showroom floor did I really start to get excited. I stumbled upon the first touch screen tablet made for the kitchen and the most discerning gourmet.

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CES 2012 Featured Product: Peel 2.0–Socializing TV

I’m a stickler for everything social media-related, so Peel 2.0 really tickled my fancy.

What’s cool about Peel is sheer power of the social media experience one can have with the television shows that you watch. You can specify the shows that you like, and the app will learn what you like. The beauty of this is not only perhaps finding new shows that you might not have been interested in before, but also the ability to network with your friends.

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CES 2012 Segments: NBC-TV “Morning News” Las Vegas 1/13/12

For his last appearance on Las Vegas television for the 2012 CES, Dr. Frank stopped by to NBC-TV Channel 3. Featured products are listed below as well as extra pictures from the segment. Additionally, the 1/12 11PM segment was re-aired on 1/13 during the 5 o’clock newshour.

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CES 2012 Segments: NBC-TV Las Vegas 1/12/12

Dr. Frank joined NBC-TV Las Vegas again with more great products from CES. The 11PM Newscast segment was re-aired on 1/13/12 for the 5 o’clock news hour. A list of products and additional photos await after the jump.

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CES 2012 Segments: ABC-TV Las Vegas 1/11/12

Dr. Frank stopped by ABC-TV Las Vegas for a midday show on January 11. He covered the latest in consumer electronics in his “What’s New at CES?” segment. Featured products and extra photos are after the jump.

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CES 2012 Segments: NBC-TV “Morning News” & “11PM Newscast” Las Vegas 1/11/12

During CES, Dr. Frank stopped by NBC-TV Channel 3 News in Las Vegas to discuss the latest and trendiest consumer electronics on the market. This segment also re-aired the same day on Channel 3’s 11PM newscast. The 11pm segment also aired on 1/12/12 during the 5 o’clock news. Continue reading the post for list of featured products and additional photos.

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Digital Experience! impressions: Sony PS Vita

One of the biggest press events held in the days immediately preceding the official CES kickoff is PEPCOM’s Digital Experience!. Before heading over to the event, I had heard that the long-awaited sequel to Sony’s previous mobile gaming platform, the PlayStation Portable, would be in attendance. Eagerly, I searched out Sony’s table in the maze of booths in hopes to get some hands-on time with the PS Vita. Thankfully there was an opening with the demo units they had available by the time I had sniffed out the table. I cracked my knuckles and dove right in.

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