WNDF? “Best of 2011” Segment on KDKA-TV Pittsburgh Today Live 1/6/12

Dr. Frank stopped by Pittsburgh Today Live to review the best products of 2011.


Dr. Frank stopped by KDKA-TV again this morning to speak about some of the best products of 2011. Products include a cordless lawn mower, portable satellite TV antenna, handheld shower and more!

Be sure to check below the post for a link to the segment (also, you can click on the picture to the left).

Featured Products:

Dish Network’s Tailgater
-Portable satellite TV antenna allows you to watch TV from anywhere
-Great for tailgating, camping, RVing, picnics or any outdoor activity
-Weighing only 10 pounds, it automatically locates satellite positions
-There is no need to make manual adjustments; easy set-up
Available for $350. (800) 333-3474 

Worx Li’l Mo 14” Cordless Lawn Mower
-Cuts up to 10,000 sq. ft. in a single charge, battery is removable
-Push-button start, Eliminates smelly gas, oil and exhaust
-3 in 1 cutting for mulching, bagging or rear discharge
-Fits into areas (where larger mowers can’t) for a professional cut
-Ergonomic upswept handle reduces fatigue & improves control
Available for $249.99. (866) 354-9679

Moen “Twist” Handheld Shower
-Offers a new way for consumers to add easy-to-use options
-With a flick of your thumb, create the ideal shower experience
-Four settings: Immerse, soothe, drench and shine
-Only 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate
-Easy to install; has Lifetime Limited Warranty
Available at Home Depot and online for $64.99. (800) BUY-MOEN

Zon by Humanscale
-We spend 90% of our time indoors. According to the EPA, indoor air can be 2-5 times worse than outdoor air
-Zon is targeted, personal air purification for the home or office
-Removes 99% of airborne particles where you breathe
-Revolutionary patented technology; energy-efficient and ozone-free
-Compelling design that has won 6 design awards
-Quiet and breeze-free in zone setting
Available for $299. (800) 400-0625 

Amina AIW3X Invisible Speakers
-Once installed the speakers are completely invisible
-Speakers work behind drywall, plaster, wallpaper, wood veneer, etc.
-Proprietary technology produces beautiful room-filling sound
-Amina also manufacturers a sub-woofer for invisible installation
-10-Year Warranty
Available for $ 1,000.      (866) 462-6462

BacTrack (Keychain alcohol detector)
-Smallest BacTrack breathalyzer ever made; use as a keychain
-Folding mouthpiece design is sanitary and easy to use; take it anywhere
-Quickly and easily estimate Blood Alcohol Content, highly accurate
-Great stocking stuffer for anyone who consumes alcohol
-Results are displayed accurately and instantly on a two-digit LED display
-Make sure everyone at your holiday parties is safe to drive home
-FDA-approved for personal use
Available for $29.99. (877) 334-6876

AGloves (Gloves for touchscreen)
-Silver particles are woven within the fabric to create conductivity
-Touch screens are capacitive and work with the body’s bio-electricity
-The silver takes the heat from your fingers and distributes it to the Aglove
-The best solution for using your touch screen in cold weather
Available for $17.99. (970) 310-6184

Clearwire Clear Spot 4G (Personal Mobile Hotspot)
-Personal Mobile Hotspot at blazing 4G speed; take and use anywhere
-Accomodate up to 8 WiFi devices: laptops, tablets, phones, etc.
-Works on internal battery for up to 6 hours or plugs into USB port
-Surf, stream, game and entertain in over 70 US markets
-Unlimited data for only $50 per month. No credit application required.
Available: $99 for Clear Spot and $50/month for unlimited data. (877) 499-6681

Asus K53e Notebook Computer
-“Ice Cool” technology keeps palm rests cool, heat-producing components are away from the user
-First notebook designed with high-quality aluminum textures
-IF Award-Winning ergonomically dust-repellent chicklet keyboard
-Second generation Intel Core Processors
Available from $450+. (888) 678-3688

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