CES 2012 Featured Product: Peel 2.0–Socializing TV

I’m a stickler for everything social media-related, so Peel 2.0 really tickled my fancy.

What’s cool about Peel is sheer power of the social media experience one can have with the television shows that you watch. You can specify the shows that you like, and the app will learn what you like. The beauty of this is not only perhaps finding new shows that you might not have been interested in before, but also the ability to network with your friends.

Your friend Mark perhaps has a guilty pleasure of watching the Kardashians? Well, you’d be sure to find out on Peel. You can comment on each other’s television preferences. The Peel app is integrated with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so you’re able to keep up conversations about the shows you watch as you watch them.

An optional but really cool item is the Peel “Fruit”, aka: the remote. Your iPhone or Android phone can turn into a remote for your TV. Want to find a show starting in five minutes? You can find it on the television schedule and then turn the channel accordingly. Personally, I’m super-psyched to learn about what my friends are watching. Not being too avid of a TV-watcher, I stick to viewing certain shows. If I hadn’t have heard at least five of my friends talk about Mad Men, I wouldn’t have started watching. Peel can now aid in the process of finding new and interesting shows while also keeping up with the shows you already love.

Peel 2.0 is available to download for Free on the App Store for iOS and the Android Market. The remote apparatus retails for $79.99 and is sold online and at the following retailers: The Apple Store, Best Buy, Target, Staples, Amazon.com, Walmart and RadioShack. Note: The Peel app and remote currently work only in the United States.

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