“Best of SEMA 2013″ on The Daily Buzz, December 6 2013

Dr. Frank stopped by The Daily Buzz to highlight products from the SEMA 2013 show in Las Vegas, NV. Watch here.

Product Listing:

  • Slam Stop
    -Innovative Retracting System for smooth noiseless automatic closing of car doors
    -Works for both front and rear doors of all cars regardless of age and model
    -Minivan owners can also benefit from the compatible system for sliding doors
    -Installs in a little over an hour, and by a qualified dealer
  • Textbuster
    -Text blocking and vehicle tracking device
    -When the key is on texting is off
    -Does not block phone calls, no monthly fees or service charges
    -Simple to install, works on any vehicle
    $149.00 (800) 561-1110
  • Mobile Home

    -Instant in-car access to Siri
    -Keep eyes on the road
    -Utilizes the existing Hands-Free system in your car
    -DIY sets up in one minute
    $79.00, $59.99 @ Amazon (972) 215-7300




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