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“Best of SEMA 2013″ on The Daily Buzz, December 6 2013

Dr. Frank stopped by The Daily Buzz to highlight products from the SEMA 2013 show in Las Vegas, NV. Watch here.

Product Listing:

  • Slam Stop
    -Innovative Retracting System for smooth noiseless automatic closing of car doors
    -Works for both front and rear doors of all cars regardless of age and model
    -Minivan owners can also benefit from the compatible system for sliding doors
    -Installs in a little over an hour, and by a qualified dealer
  • Textbuster
    -Text blocking and vehicle tracking device
    -When the key is on texting is off
    -Does not block phone calls, no monthly fees or service charges
    -Simple to install, works on any vehicle
    $149.00 (800) 561-1110
  • Mobile Home

    -Instant in-car access to Siri
    -Keep eyes on the road
    -Utilizes the existing Hands-Free system in your car
    -DIY sets up in one minute
    $79.00, $59.99 @ Amazon (972) 215-7300



“Best of SEMA 2013” on The Daily Buzz, November 26 2013

Dr. Frank stopped by The Daily Buzz with the latest and greatest in products from the SEMA 2013 show in Las Vegas, NV. Watch here.

Product Listing:

  • Escort PASSPORT MAX (Best of Show)
    -The world’s first and only high definition radar detector
    -Uses advanced high speed Digital Signal Processing technology
    -Like NASA eliminating background noise, PASSPORT Max can see radar signals hidden below the RF noise floor (sees signals that no other detector ever will)
    -Established all new measurement records for the 3 key radar metrics including: sensitivity (the ability to see extremely small signals); speed (PASSPORT Max scans for signals 50 times faster than any other RD); range (the ability to see signals farther than any other detector ever designed)
    -Bonus: all new high resolution multi-color OLED Display (red light cam icons, speed & over speed limit alerts, and more); connects to ESCORT Live, the social network for the road
    $549.95 (800) 433-3487
  • Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists
    -The SAFE Wheel Repair company
    -Franchising to Auto Dealers, Collision Repair Shops, Tire Dealers, Auctions, etc.
    -Full service wheel repair company; located in 47 states, 17 countries
    -Perform onsite cosmetic and straightening services in mobile unit
    -Workmanship is backed with a lifetime warranty
    -Specialize in wheel personalization (flat black, gloss black, powder coating and other colors)
    -Many locations provide remanufacturing services for complex repairs
    $100.00 to $125.00 per wheel (800 518-3040)
  • Schrader Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
    -Over 250,000 accidents per year are attributed to Low Tire Pressure
    -Proper recognition and response to the Warning Symbol can save your life
    -Sensors have been required by law in the US since 2008 for cars and light trucks
    -Each of your 4 Tires have TPMS for Tire Pressure Monitoring
    -In addition to safety, TPMS also provides better fuel efficiency when tires are inflated properly
    $75.00 to $150.00 per sensor (800) 345-0578